Interior Decorating

We offer tailored interior decorator services to our clients. Our primary function is to provide furniture and décor packages, however, we can also suggest paint colours, flooring and window furnishings should the client wish.

For the complete rejuvenation of a property, we offer a full concept for the client, however, we can also offer partial concepts. A partial concept is for those on a budget who wish to give their property a quick ‘cosmetic’ makeover, by just replacing a few key items.  

Our process is relatively simple. We will consult with you as to whether there were any parameters or styles you were trying to achieve. We will then go away and create the concept. After working on the concept, we will present this to you, and if there are any changes you would like to make, we can do so. The final step is installation. During the installation process we can handle all the logistics of delivery, building, rubbish removal, installation and if applicable removal of any old items.

Hamilton Island and the Whitsunday Islands

Hamilton Island and the surrounding Whitsunday Islands are one of the most magical places in Australia. With the Great Barrier Reef, Whitehaven beach and all of the islands just outside the window, it often gobsmacks even us just how beautiful the region is. However, all of this does not mean it is easy to logistically fit out a property on any of these islands! A big factor in why our clients love us is that we have the know-how and capabilities to cater to properties on the islands. Should you wish us to, we can deliver, install, and remove any old décor/furniture meaning you do not have to do anything, or even be present during this time. For our ‘Island Client’s’ we will work with you to create the concept you love, we can then materialise said concept into reality. This allows our clients to simply walk in afterwards and enjoy a Pina Colada!

Commercial Properties and Holiday Accommodations

Commercial and Holiday Let properties are designed to service the needs of our clients. Generally, for Holiday Accommodation, the property must appeal to potential holiday makers online. This means that we will specifically select items that will look fabulous in photos and will reflect the property/business. In any commercial property, we will also suggest items that are ultra durable in order to handle the high traffic flow and heavy usage. We have been supplying commercial and holiday let properties for over two decades now and understand the special needs of a commercial property in the Whitsundays.   

Please see below some of the recent clients we have worked with:

  • Airlie Beach Hotel (Hotel Rooms)
  • Coral Sea Resort
  • Big 4 Adventure Park
  • Harbour Cove Apartments
  • Whitsunday Green Golf Club
  • Magnetic Island Glamping Luxury Resort

We have also worked with many individually owned Holiday Let Properties, you can see some of these in our Previous Projects.


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